I'm solarcircuits but I also go by Elio aswell, I live in the UK and I work in retail.

I'm 20, a capricorn and last time I checked an INTP-T. I don't like using labels, I find them limiting and too fixed. I use they/them and she/her tho.

I'm not a fan of the modern internet, there's no personality and its all bland and corporate and it makes me sad >:(( I can't even remember how I found out about neocities, I may have watched a few videos on old interent sites or smth. One day I just wanted to learn HTML so I DID. I like the 100% customisability of having a website and learning something new.

My earliest internet memories include: Nyan cat, tobuscus minecraft letsplays, listening to chicken nugget biscuit on itunes and llamas with hats.

I draw. I hate trying to get pictures to work on here but I do have an insta full of stuff if you're ever interested.


I have been majorly into FNaF since the first game came out, I've kept up with most of the games. The one point in my life I didn't was after pizza sim, I got roped back in when security breach was announced. I have my own lil FNaF AU which you can check out -here-. I have only read the first silver eyes book but plan on reading the rest eventually.

I got REALLY, REALLY into Voltron: Legendary Defender, like I have never experienced an obsession worst than that. It doesn't occupy my brain much now but it makes me nostalgic.

Currently into half-life after getting into portal. I watched the 'Half-Life but the AI is self aware' vids on youtube and that actually encouraged me to play the games. I'd recommend getting them, I got a majority of the games for £1.85 or smth stupid like that. I then payed a bit more for the expansion packs but its all worth it and I think it all came under £10 which is insane. They're so much fun and the story is also good and I wish I could play Alyx :'((

I am listening to music CONSTANTLY, I always have an earphone in one ear. I don't particularly like a certain genre, I'll just listen to whatever scratches my brain right.

If I had to make a list of current interests it would be: The Stanley Parable, Fnaf, Dialtown, Portal and Half-life :))

What I'm Listening too


Art I've made that I actually like