FNaF Character Ranking

I'm organising this by ranking my fav characters for each game and then doing a top ten at the end to make this a bit more manageable and organised.

This should be called a character ranking instead really.

I'm just including character's I think are important or just particularly interest me.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Phone Guy

Honestly made the game. I find the premise of phone guy hilarious and he sounds funny. I also think there's alot you can do with his character creatively cus he's just like this one dude that we know nothing about but he seems to know how this whole operation works, how does he know this stuff?? who is he??? He's probably just some guy.

I also like his night 4 call alot.

freddy fazbear

The original. The classic. Need I say more. Honestly, he's a legend, iconic, couldnt be better, perfect, flawless, etc...

I just really like how he works in the first game. Very ominous :)


He's a lil shitbag but god dammit he's scary. This dude would show up at your house at 3 in the morning just to hang out or some shit, like dude just wait. I think he carries the game just an intsy tiny bit, only because if he wasnt in the game it would be boring and dead easy. He's the main threat.


I really like how she looks on cams, very spooky. I just think she's neat. Underappreciated.


I find him a bit boring. I like how he progressively starts moving and the suspension of that is good but he's really not too hard to deal with. I just prefer the other gangs' designs over his aswell.

Golden Freddy

Listen, he's like really cool and stuff and I used to love him when I was like 11 but I feel like he was sorta over used at some point??? Like I preferred it when there was more mystery surrounding him.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2


I mean just look at her, he's like hanging from the ceiling, mouth open, looks like a spider. She's also just kinda got a good backstory??? going on. I like that he's sorta been abandoned and left as scrambled parts. It says alot about the way the restaurant is sorta run, I think mangle adds alot of charm to the game.

The Puppet

She's scary. She really freaked me out as a kid but she was still my favourite. Similar to golden freddy, I wish she still had some mystery surrounding her. It was more appealing when we didn't know her motivations and now she's lost her sparkle a lil bit.

Withered Bonnie

Toilet Bonnie.

I like his pose when he's in the office, and just his design overall.

Withered Chica

The same reasons I like Withered Bonnie I just prefer his design a bit more than hers. I don't know how shes able to have her mouth like that tho, considering how she looks in the first game.

Balloon Boy

Hear me out.

I think he's funny.

Withered Freddy

He's a bit boring, still like his whole look tho.

Withered Foxy

I much prefer his look in this game over how he did in FNaF 1. He still doesnt feel much like a threat tho.

Toy Freddy

Absolute gamer. To be honest, the only reason he is up as high as he is is because of Ultimate Custom Night. I'm not a major fan of the toy animatronic look.

Toy Bonnie

I feel like he's sassy. He's face when he comes into the office and glides across the screen is nightmare fuel tho. Play that banjo you sassy lil man.

Toy Chica

Not gonna lie, I find her design slightly annoying but I like when shes in the vents, spooky.

Shadow Bonnie

He's a cool easter egg and his loading screen in FNaF World is funny but thats all he has going for him. :/

Shadow Freddy

Same as before but he has even less stuff going on, underappreciated still.


Not even a cool easter egg.
why are you here?

Five Nights at Freddy's 3


This shouldn't be a surprise, He's like the main dude and even if he has been very, very, very, VERY overused, I still appreciate his original design. Can't beat the classics.

Phone Dude

I still think the whole phone guy thing is hilarious, love this dude.

Phantom Puppet

I like the way she's in your face and follows you when she appears. Staring deep into your soul. I think she is also the most decent looking phantom compared to the others.

Phantom Freddy

I like his animation walking across the window and he's pretty okay to avoid buuuuuuuuut I hate his design, just a tad. He's just a green version of withered freddy, the colouring for most this game really irks me.

Phantom BB

I think he's alot more common to get compared to the other phantoms so he's more annoying but I like him. He's got enthusiasm.

Phantom Mangle

Is in the game. I prefer the way she looks compared to the others below but he doesnt really do alot and her design just barely gets him above the others.

Phantom Chica

I just really hate how she looks in this game, She's alright but I think she suffered the worst at the hand of this games colouring.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4